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Our Custom Laser
Etching & Engraving

We can custom design and laser etch anything for your home & business!

We can take an image and text--even a handwritten letter and laser etch it for you!

We work with metal, wood, granite, marble, slate, leather, acrylic, plastic,

fabric, and glass. Our custom designs are so UNIQUE and ONE-OF-A-KIND! 


We offer creative designs such as:

  • Business Logo Designs
    (cup designs & more)

  • Custom Signs
    (for your business & school)

  • Artistic Projects

  • Personalization for any occasion for your home & business
    (i.e., memorial keepsakes, graduation plaques, anniversary gifts, etc.)


Have your personal items and gifts personalized in a special way that will make them memorable for a lifetime & beyond! If you have a business need that can use our talents, skills, and equipment, please contact us for a FREE Quote! 

Do You need a custom design?

Please contact us with your design ideas

and we will give you a FREE Price Quote!

- Empire Laser Designs

Conquer Your World of Imagination with Empire

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